This blog is about video games, music, and the adventures I go on to figure out how they work together.

My name is Iain Hart. I’m an Australian video game player and I’m studying a PhD in ludomusicology (the study of video game music). This basically means that in a couple of years I’ll have written around 80,000 stiff-yet-precise academic words about music, and that I’ll have spent many, many hours of playing games to get there. It’s a tough life.

My thesis will focus on the role music plays in helping players understand the gameplay space. This blog will focus on very little and should be a lot more fun to write. All the visceral and emotional and ridiculous things that don’t translate well into academese will go here, along with my general thoughts about the non-musical stuff of games.

To join in the discussion, check out my Posts and leave a comment. You can find me through my ORCiD here, on Twitter at @hartacus, on Steam here, or on Academia.edu here.