This blog is about video games, music, and the adventures I go on to figure out how they work together. And also some other stuff.

My name is Iain Hart. I’m an Australian video game player, and a few years ago I completed a PhD in ludomusicology (the study of video game music). This basically means that over a couple of years I wrote around 80,000 stiff-yet-precise academic words about music, and that I spent many (and yet not nearly enough) hours of playing games to get there.

My thesis focused on the role music plays in helping players understand the gameplay space. This blog focuses on very little and should be a lot more fun to write. It’s a place for the visceral and emotional and ridiculous things that don’t translate well into academese, along with my general thoughts about the non-musical stuff of games, or the non-gamey stuff of music.

To join in the discussion, check out my Posts and leave a comment. You can find me through my ORCiD here, on Twitter at @hartacus, on Steam here, on Academia.edu here, or Google Scholar here.