Site Re-Jig

Astute readers may have noticed that a change of address, a slight rebrand of the site, and the mildest of redesigns occurred several months ago.

I decided to change the name from “Eine Kleine Pwnmusik” to simply “Pwnmusic” because it’s a bit more direct. While I liked the play on the title of a well-known Mozart tune when I first designed the site, I have recently felt that a simpler title would be better. Perhaps ironic, because I probably like Mozart more now than I did then. It’s odd how tastes change. Also, I don’t speak German (yet – it’s on the to-learn list) but I do speak “contrived mash-up of English and Internet” so it’s more of a reflection of me, and ain’t that just the point of blogs? And the redesign is mostly just making it full-width, to bring it into the last decade while playing havoc with the featured images.

Anyhow, I think I’ve finally sorted out all of the redirects, and email should still reach me if sent to any not-updated addresses (for now), so welcome to the not-terribly-new site!

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